sustainable yogurt production
Mission Statement
The Choopoons® team supports trends in healthy eating and social responsibility. We commit to a high standard of sustainable production and seek to support local business and the creation of new opportunities. Most of all, we pledge the consistent creation of healthy and affordable products that expand the American palate and open the mind to new possibilities for yogurt consumption.
Commitment to Sustainability
Our Mediterranean Labneh and Yogurt Smoothie are created through a symbiotic, sustainable process. Natural whey, or acid whey, is a yogurt by-product that is strained out to achieve a creamy final product. The disposal of whey can create an environmental problem.
Though whey provides many nutritious elements for the human body, it is not as helpful to our oceans, rivers, and streams. It pulls oxygen from these bodies of water as it decomposes (not to worry – it doesn't do this in our bodies!).
We combat this disposal issue by using the strained-off whey from our labneh as part of our smoothie.  This symbiotic relationship supports the naturally creamy texture of our labneh, packs our smoothie with incredible nutrients,and plays a role in preserving the environment. This is how it has been done in the Middle East for hundreds of years, but Choopoons is the only yogurt company currently doing this in the United States.
Our Standards
At Choopoons, we support the right of the consumer to know what is in their food. We believe that you have the right to choose what you eat. We adhere to sourcing "non-GMO by origin" products — meaning that we ensure that we can trace our product ingredients back to a non-GMO source.
Currently, around 90% of all soybeans and 80% of all corn produced in the United States are GMO crops. Many people are concerned about GMOs in their food due to questions about high herbicide use, environmental risks, crop contamination, and unfair economical practices. Choopoons products are made using fresh milk from three family farms in upstate New York. To ensure the freshest whole milk possible, the farms are close to where we manufacture our labneh and smoothie. Since our milk is non-organic, some of the cows on these farms may be fed feed containing GMO ingredients (corn, soybeans, etc). Unfortunately, there is not enough non-GMO corn or soybeans to feed the entire human population that seeks to eat GMO-free — let alone the dairy cows. This makes it expensive and sometimes economically unfeasible for small family dairies to obtain non-GMO feed. Choopoons chooses to support our local family farmers rather that outsource our milk.
Cows that eat GMO feed do not produce genetically modified milk (poms et al. 2003).* Due to this fact, countries with mandatory GMO labeling do not require labeling of milk from cows fed GMO feed. Another way to think about this is that people who eat GMO products do not become genetically modified people. As demand for non-GMO crops increases, this will make it easier for family farmere to obtain non-GMO feed for their livestock.
Our Mediterranean Yogurt Smoothie is endorsed by Susan M. Fluegel, PhD, a Nutritional Biochemist interested in the health benefits of sustainable whole foods. With her support and guidance, we are pleased to offer an outstanding resource for consumers on the nutritional benefits of natural whey at

*References: Poms RE, Hochsteiner W, LugerK, Glössl J, Foissy H, Model studies on the detectability of genetically modified feeds in milk. J Food Prot. 2003;66:304-10. Pubmed.

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