Choopoons yogurt
Lighten your lifestyle with Choopoons® Mediterranean Labneh and Smoothie, both excellent choices in supporting a healthy diet.
Our Mediterranean Labneh is a good source of calcium and an excellent source of protein. A longer straining process than that of Greek yogurt leads to a product that is creamy and delicious without the addition of artificial thickeners. Compare our labneh to other spreads and see the difference.
Our Mediterranean Yogurt Smoothie is made from natural whey, a nutrient-packed yogurt byproduct. Our smoothie is a good source of protein, and an ideal sports drink that refreshes thirst with naturally occurring electrolytes including potassium, calcium, sodium, chloride, and magnesium.
All of our products are made with pure whole milk containing essential milk fats that support brain function and energy production, as well as probiotics to support immune and digestive health. Starting with just two ingredients in our plain labneh (milk and live active cultures) and three in our plain smoothie (add some whey in there!), our products bring a wholesome, clean approach to what yogurt can be. Our labnehs and smoothies contain no GMOs, artificial colors or flavors.
Susan M. Fluegel, PhD, is a nutritional scientist who studies the way the body uses food to create energy and promotes good health at a biochemical level. At Washington State University, she taught advanced nutritional science classes. Currently, she researches how food influences mood, energy, sports performance, metabolic health and weight loss. She frequently summarizes the latest research on dairy nutrition on her website, Read more about what Susan has to say about our products here.

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